Behind the Scenes

Our story began back in 2007. Back then was just two of us with a few clients and one camera without an office.

Today, we are privileged to connect with millions of people with our advertisements, movies, songs and events. We have grown into one of the well-known advertising agencies in Malaysia with 10 employees.

Victory is named after the Tamil word “Jeyam” and the logo is also inspired by the name itself. We believe the word “Jeyam” gives us a sharp mind which is always seeking new ideas & concepts and it simply means Victory.

Our Crew


Producer & Director
  • Producer of Therikka Vidalama (Concert)
  • Producer of Kaigeh Turun (Concert)
  • Director for Allunggal Vellunggal (TV Game Show)
  • Director for Kutty Singer (Singing Competition)

Sivagamy Gobalan

Executive Producer & Finance Director
  • Executive Producer of Therikka Vidalama (Concert)
  • Executive Producer of Kaigeh Turun (Concert)
  • Producer of Metro Maalai (Feature Film)
  • Executive Producer for Allunggal Vellunggal (TV Game Show)
  •  Executive Producer for Kutty Singer (Singing Competition)
  • Co-Producer for CCTV (Malay Feature Film)


Director of Photography
  • Director for KL Vampires (Feature Film)
  • Director for CCTV (Malay Feature Film)
  • Director for My Father and His Celluloid (Short Film)
  • Director for BABAS TVC (TV Commercial)


Assistant Director & Technical Assistant
  • Assistant Production Manager for Therikka Vidalama (Concert)
  • Assistant Production Manager for Kaigeh Turun (Concert)
  • Assistant Director for Tiara Booster & Arjuna Power (Commercial Advertisement)


Assistant Director & Editor
  • Editor for Therikka Vidalama (Concert)
  • Editor for Kaigeh Turun (Concert)
  • Animation Artist


Designer, GFX & Sound Designer
  • Music Producer for Therikka Vidalama Artist Intro Song (Concert)
  • GFX Artist for Therikka Vidalama (Concert)
  • GFX Artist for Kaigeh Turun (Concert)
  • Graphic Designer for Therikka Vidalama (Concert)
  • Graphic Designer for Kaigeh Turun (Concert)

Our Studio

Our journey as a producer kickstarted with “CCTV” (Malay Malaysian Horror Movie), commercial advertisements, TV programs and game show (Allunggal Vellunggal), concerts (Therikka Vidalama & Kaigeh Turun) under ASTRO and our most precious project “Metro Malai” (Malaysian Tamil movie) which is now on Amazon Prime – this would be the first Tamil Malaysian film to be on Amazon Prime.

Our mission to develop and produce more contents that’ll reach the vast population all around the world. Message through audio, visuals and story.

We are located in the heart of Puchong. We have multiple FREE parking lots in front of our two-story office.

How we make Film

We create effective storytelling, powerful identities, seamless interactions, and memorable experiences to connect people to brands and organizations.

producing video content for television, social media, corporate promotions, commercial, etc.

Film Production

professional & creative video editing service available.

Freelance Editing

well-verse on TV commercial advertisements.

Commercial Advertistments

Complete green matte studio setup for Photography and Video Production.

Green Studio

Dubbing, mixing or re-recording to multilingual services for TV, films, animation, movies, cartoons, commercials, videos, lip-sync recording etc.


Camera, Lenses, Lighting, Audio, Stabilizer & other accessories

Equipment Rental


Talents Wanted!

It doesn’t matter where you are, we love working with passionate and driven people. Drop us an application and tell us about yourself using this handy form.

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From commercial advertisements to game shows, TV programs to feature films, we’ve got something exciting to show you.

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