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When it comes to filmmaking, we produce a collaborative workflow of pre-production to production shoot. A complete package of feature film production experience – see it for yourself.

Metro Maalai

Metro Maalai is a 2019 Malaysian Tamil-language romantic drama film by Haran Kaveri & Shobaan and produced by Victory. This movie tells the romantic relationship of two souls, a rejected male guitarist and a neglected woman in Kuala Lumpur. It was released on 28 November 2019 in Malaysia, and received positive reviews.

We played a major role in this movie to produce and bring it all around the world. Now it has been listed as the first Malaysian movie to be premiered under Amazon Prime.


CCTV would-be Malaysian Malay thriller movie directed by Daven R and co-produced by us Victory. This 1 hour 24 minutes movie goes like this: One night, Hariri is instructed by his boss to fix a CCTV camera in an old hospital. While he is repairing the camera, he accidentally tripped and fall, injured his leg. The fall also knocks him out. When he regains consciousness, he realises that he is being treated in the old hospital, and night after night, Hariri experiences creepy and strange events in it.


Let’s be honest here, we used to love television commercials back in the day but it got lost in time. Nevertheless, from healthcare to entertainment, we’ve produced video content that caters for social media advertising.


We are visual engineers but greater storytellers. Our motion picture shapes and interprets the factual essence of a story.

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